Pedals of Resilience:

A Journey Through Time, Grit, and Triumph with Dope Nerds® & The Baltimore Times!

Leave Behind The Ordinary – Dive Into A Ride That Celebrates the Legacy of Pro African American Cyclists!

Ever Witnessed Cycling History Through Virtual Reality? Experience the Unforgettable!

5 Cyclists Honored

Celebrating the resilience and triumphs of 5 extraordinary Black Cyclists whose pedals shaped history.

100+ Years of Legacy

Embarking on a 90-second journey through over a century of untold stories, victories, and inspirations.

30 Countries Connected

Uniting fans from 30+ countries in one thrilling VR celebration of cycling and community.

Immersive History

Dive into a 90-second virtual reality journey celebrating Black cyclists. Witness untold stories, triumphs, and a legacy that transcends time.

Community Connection

Join 100,000+ fans from over 30 countries. Share the joy, the passion, and the unforgettable experience of a cycling celebration like no other.

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Experience the innovation and expertise of Dope Nerds® VR solutions. State-of-the-art technology bringing history and inspiration to life.

Experience the Pedals of Resilience!

Join us on a virtual ride with legends of cycling. From Marshall "Major" Taylor (shown to right) to the Williams brothers, immerse yourself in the journey, victories, and resilience of these extraordinary athletes.

  • 3-Minute VR Experience: A Quick Trip Through History

  • Exclusive Collaboration: Dope Nerds® & The Baltimore Times

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Marshall "Major" Taylor (1878–1932):

Known as the "Worcester Whirlwind," he was one of the first African American professional athletes and a world champion cyclist.


Nelson Beasley Vails (born 1960):

An Olympic silver medalist at the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, Vails had a distinguished track cycling career.


Rahsaan Bahati (born 1982):

A skilled road racer who won multiple national championships and founded the Bahati Foundation to support youth in underserved communities.


Justin Williams (born 1989) and Cory Williams (born 1991):

These brothers have made significant contributions to the sport of cycling, winning various races and championships.

Pedaling Through Barriers: A Journey of Triumph

Discover the resilience, innovation, and spirit of five legendary Black cyclists. Their wheels spun more than just roads; they shaped history, broke barriers, and inspired countless hearts. From the unbreakable 'Major' Taylor to the dynamic Williams brothers, embark on a virtual reality ride that transcends time, honors courage, and celebrates a legacy of excellence. Join us in experiencing 'Pedals of Resilience: Celebrating Black Cyclists Through Technology.

Celebrate the Past, Ignite the Future

Experience the triumph of cycling's unsung heroes like never before, through Dope Nerds' groundbreaking Virtual Reality experience! Unite with fans globally and be part of a movement that celebrates yesterday's legends and tomorrow's trailblazers. Will you join us in making history? Dive into the VR world or connect online. The future of cycling awaits you.

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Powered by Dope Nerds® and in partnership with The Baltimore Times, 'Pedals of Resilience' delivers an unforgettable VR journey through cycling history. Our commitment to excellence and community connection ensures a ride unlike any other.

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